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Did you come here for a face-biting? No?? You just came here to TALK??? How boring! But Yuki guesses talking is okay, too. Not as good as face bites, though...
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Turbo listened to her explain, trying to determine if Spookane was a real city in the Gamer world or if he had just gotten confused about which game he was in. “I can’t say that I have.” He replied and shifted his hood over his face a little more, “Do you know how to get to Game Central Station from here?” He asked, deciding to risk it.

If she knew what he was talking about then he couldn’t be too lost, but if she didn’t he might need her help finding a way home.

She bit her lip and thought about it really hard. Game Central Station, huh. The name didn’t ring a bell. She shook her head. “No, I’ve never heard of that before. Well… unless you mean… Once every year, we have a huge festival that consists of lots of little festivals and Sims from all over compete in games. And then there’s… Vic’s arcade, but that’s… not actually called Game Central Station. And it’s on a totally different island.” She wished she could be of more help to him because, if she could, maybe he’d reward her with more shinies.


He made sure to keep his distance, he didn’t want to be too close if the girl decided to use it on him. Shiny? He fished around in his pockets and produced a gold coin, hoping that she meant money, and hopefully not a specific kind of currency either.

Of course, he was just asking for directions, so he didn’t see why he needed to pay her, but Turbo wasn’t taking any chances when the girl had an ax, and he still couldn’t control his Cybug data when he was threatened. “Where am I?” he asked.

Yuki tossed her mask on the ground with her ax and hurried forward to pluck her prize from the stranger’s hand. She held it close to her face, examining it and giggling. It wasn’t a very big shiny, but she hadn’t specified big shiny, so she couldn’t complain. She tucked the coin under one of her bracelets.

"Hm?" She felt like she was forgetting something. Shinies could be really distracting. That’s right! She was supposed to answer the stranger’s question. "Oh, yeah! This is Spookane. It’s where most of the Spooky Sims, like Yuki, live. There are some not Spooky ones, though," she added, remembering Zombie Carl, who cared more about cuddling teddy bears than eating people’s brains, and Grandma Ruthie, who decided it would be a great idea to bring her terrifying bright colors to the dark and dreary island.

"You haven’t been to Spookane before, huh?" It wasn’t surprising. Not a lot of people had, what, with the name and all. She’d done a little bit of travelling for MorcuCorp, but she assumed this guy was from one of the islands she had yet to visit.


Turbo wasn’t sure if he’d just gotten lost in a new game, or if he’d accidentally wandered into another dimension again, but he did know that this was not where he thought he was. The racer drew up his hood to hide his face and approached someone without really looking at them.

"Hey, do you know where this is?" Turbo asked, "I think I may have made a wrong turn somewhere."

Yuki had her ax in the air when she heard the voice, and she brought it down on the small log in front of her, cutting it in half. Then, she dropped her ax and removed the menacing mask she was wearing. She eyed the hooded stranger for a moment and smiled. “Yuki will tell you,” she said, “if you have a shiny.”

Anonymous said: If Yuki played pokemon she'd be a shiny hunter. No doubt.



"Shinies?? I saw Brendan playing that game, but it looked kinda eh, but he didn’t tell me there were shinies, and now I need this game okay stat right now

[[Pfft. Yes. She totally would.]]

And her favorite would be Sableye.

[[Hahaha, dude, yeah. I will eventually have to draw Yuki as a Pokemon trainer with a shiny Sableye. Eventually…]]